Development. Innovation. Profitable solutions.

B&O Engineering

“The machine is only a tool after all, which can help humanity progress faster by taking some of the burdens of calculations and interpretations off its back. The task of the human brain remains what it has always been; that of discovering new data to be analyzed, and of devising new concepts to be tested.”

/Isaac Asimov/

B&O Engineering

Introduction, targets

Development. Innovation. Profitable solutions

We kept the principles above in mind when we founded B&O Engineering. Our goal is to give our clients new impetus, help them to widen their capacity and head dynamically toward their goals. Our main profile is industrial automation, ultrasound technology as well as manufacturing machines and appliances.


B&O Engineering


mernokirodai szolgaltatasok

Services for engineering firms

In the interest of providing our clients with 100% service, we are available with full scale classic engineering firm service.

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ipari automatizalas

Industrial automation

Unique purpose machines, special equipment, robot cells, form recognition systems all tailored to unique requirements with personal evaluation and implementation.

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robot technologia

Robot technology

Use of robots can radically speed up detail orientated, monotonous or dangerous tasks. Their application makes the whole manufacuring process more efficient, thus significantly reducing the cost of producing a given product.

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Ultrasonic Technologies

Ultrasonic principal is a relatively young technology that holds great possibility and ever expanding areas of application. Modern and precise – it is the robots’ perfect accessory.

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Egy dinamikus fejlődést szorgalmazó vállalatnál folyamatosan pezseg az élet, mindig történik velünk valami. Igyekszünk ezeket a hírek folyamatosan megosztani Önnel, így nyomon tudja követni, hogy éppen mi történik cégünk életében. Tovább

(HU) Kollaboratív robotokkal vettünk részt a debreceni alapkőletételnél

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(HU) Münchenben jártunk

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Universal Robots Fanuc Robotics Kuka

Rinco ABB Rimm

Robotiq OptoForce

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