The use of robots can also speed up meticulous, monotonous or dangerous tasks. By using them, the production cost per product can be reduced.

The new, lightweight collaborative robots are able to work closely with humans, serving as a kind of assistant in carrying out work processes. Man is triggered by work processes that can be dangerous to us or too monotonous and meticulous.

Thanks to their multi-axis design, their use is universal: whether it is material handling, screwing, palletizing, assembly or gluing, you can always count on robot technology!

We are proud to work with the best. We have been winning Universal Robots preferred partner title over and over again for several years. Thanks to our distribution, in addition to warranty and over-warranty service, we also provide production support.

Why is Universal collaborative robot the perfect choice?

user-friendly programming interfaces

rapid changeovers

redundant software security system

PLUG & PLAY operation

wide range of products

cost-effective automation

Application areas:

Food industry

Textile industry

Pet food production

Packaging technology

Universal robot family
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Autonomous robots are able to intelligently map routes within the factory and use them with confidence, making in-plant material handling more cost-effective and safe. Autonomous robots automate internal transport and make production processes more predictable.

The safety of your employees is guaranteed, as they are evaded by moving robots and are able to react quickly to changes thanks to their built-in sensors and cameras. They further increase their efficiency by intelligently finding the shortest possible route to their goal. They can also be controlled via tablet or mobile phone without programming knowledge.

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Kollaboratív robot

Unity is strength!

Collaborative robots allow direct and at the same time secure collaboration between employees and robots. As long as the robots do the monotonous work, the employees can spend their time more valuable.

New connection between human and robot

Collaboration without a protective cover opens the door to inexhaustible applications. Robots are becoming indispensable in maintaining competitiveness, yet they are able to relieve employees both physically and mentally.
Universal robots

Robot accessories

The gripping and sensing systems mounted on the end of the robot arms enable the robot to perform special tasks that are required by your company in the given work process.

Robot covers

During a production, there may be working conditions against which the robots also need extra protection. In these cases, it is advisable to equip the robots with waterproof, chemical-resistant and dust-proof protective clothing so that their work can be carried out in the long run without failure.


Chemical resistant