Industrial automation

Industrial automation

Custom target machines, special equipment, robot cells, forming systems, tailored to individual needs, with personal survey and construction.

You tell us what kind of product you are looking for an industrial target machine, and a team of B&O Engineering specializes in designing and building it for you so that the target machine can perform the given workflow as efficiently as possible.

Design and construction of special equipment

Design and construction of robot cells

Design of camera shape recognition systems

Technology development

System integration with components from major manufacturers

Robot cells

A space separated from a workspace in which multiple robots perform a predetermined sequence of tasks. Physical separation as well as the use of various electronic devices allow the robot to work unhindered and safely.

Design and construction of robot cells, integration with collaborative robots.

Custom target machines

A custom robot specially made for the given task, which is able to perform many tasks in industrial production, depending on the customer’s needs. We can trigger some subtasks or even complete an entire workflow with these special equipment. They perform difficult, monotonous and overly meticulous tasks such as: material and pallet handling, pallet handling, screwing, assembly.