About us

The B&O Engineering business partnership was founded by Balázs Borsos and Attila Óvári with the aim of creating efficient solutions in the area of industry. At first we were involved in classic engineering work and technical consulting, but thanks to many years of professional experience and market feedback, today we offer our clients a full palette of services.

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’Milestones we are proud of:”

2008 – Creating a production base

2010 – Extension toward the steel industry

2011 –Creating an ultrasound laboratory, exclusive RINCO distribution

2012 – Universal Robots distribution

2015-2017 – Universal Robots Preferred Partner title

At present we have more than 40 colleagues working to help our clients bring out the best in their business.

We can proudly say we are outstanding players on the market, which is underlined by our Europe-wide references both as partners and distributors.